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    • Questing
      I am a strong believer in renewable energy, but it’s not a free lunch.  Significant amounts of energy has to be used to change quartz sand to silicon.   Silane gas produced during the manufacturing process is extremely explosive, and explosions occur.  Another risk is that we currently have no safety masks that can prevent […]
    • Blyth Estuary Evening
      There is a wonderful walk along the line of the old narrow gauge railwayline to Southwold, where it runs alongside the Blyth estuary.  I led a walk for a group of poets there this year, and this was one of the poems that I read on the walk.  We had a very enjoyable workshop after […]
    • As The Light Changes
      The East Anglian Daily Times ran an article entitled ’22 beautiful poems about East Anglia’ in their Saturday magazine insert on March 18th this year. I was very pleased to see this poem of mine on the same page as poems by Sir Walter Raleigh and George Szirtes. TO HEAR THIS POEM PLEASE CLICK ON […]
    • The Last Word
      By way of a change, here is a short piece of prose: In a writers’ group this morning we were challenged to write a short story in 150 words.  The story below contains exactly that number.   The light was starting to fade, and breaking soft waves seemed even quieter.  He stopped collecting pebbles and […]
    • Moving Hands
      How many things that  seemed eternal early in life, have completely vanished?                         TO HEAR THIS POEM PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW ABOVE   Sometime in the nineteen-fifties it perched on the hundred-foot workshop,  where Waitrose’s  entrance is now. It would pace the working lives of hundreds. […]
    • You know you are worth it
      I wrote this poem in mid November this year, then my e-mail inbox started to fill with ‘Pre-Black Friday’ offers, then ‘Black Friday’ offers, followed later by ‘Post Black Friday’ offers, and now I am seeing ‘Black Friday repeat offers’!  Reality has overtaken imagination.   TO HEAR THIS POEM PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE […]
    • Poems for a portrait
      I agreed to sit as the model again this morning for an art group producing portraits.  We had a cultural exchange as at the end of the two sessions as I recited the Haikus composed in my head during the forty minutes of the sitting.  I then exchanged a book of my poetry for the […]
    • Last Orders
      This poem won a ‘Commended’ award in the recent 2016 George Crabbe Poetry Competition.  The competition judge, Moniza Alvi, wrote of ‘Last Orders’ “Tragic and hard hitting, I found this poignant poem compelling.”  ” This is a poem with a real sense of urgency”. PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM […]
    • Irony
      During a few days in Liverpool we visited Crosby Beach, to see the Antony Gormley sculptures arranged as  ‘Another Place’.  Two friends had been examining the work, and turned to walk off the beach.  I took the photograph below, and the poem was written after I examined the image, using an  element of artistic license. ‘Communing’ […]
    • Illuminating Longing
      Here is a shared experience from the night of the full ‘Strawberry  Moon’ on June 20th.  A warm evening after a wet morning promised the sight of Nightjars hunting, and the moon was a bonus, PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM   The mist quilt  slips across the sodden heath […]

Poetry in Suffolk

Poetry in Suffolk is a very active and viable force.



The Suffolk Poetry Society was formed  in 1952, and celebrated its Diamond Jubilee year in 2012
The Society is open to anyone with an interest in poetry in Suffolk.It is associated with five Cafe Poets locations in the county that meet regularly to hear new poetry read by living poets, as well as hearing poetry from those no longer alive.  Meetings take place in Halesworth, Woodbridge, Sudbury,Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich.  Contact details are available on the Suffolk Poetry Society website www.suffolkpoetrysociety.org.uk .

The Suffolk Poetry Society has recently re-vamped its newsletter to members, and it appears under the title of Twelve Rivers.  

The Bury St Edmunds Cafe Poets group also has its own excellent website Poetry Aloud, which shows a wide selection of writing by Suffolk Poets , and you can listen to many of the poets reading their work.  Just click on this link to Poetry Aloud .  The webmaster, Colin Whyles, is making  excellent  progress in his target of building up a sound database of contemporary poetry being enjoyed in Suffolk.
The Suffolk Poetry Society organises a series of events throughout the year involving important poets reading their work, details of which are also shown on the Suffolk Poetry Society website.  


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     /  February 27, 2011

    An old “Suffolk Boy” who was a friend has recently died, He was a bit of a character and rogue with a kind heart. I wonder if you could recommend a suitable poem to be read at his funeral.


  2. Jim

    A simple enough question that is very difficult to answer. Your question implies you would like something in the Suffolk vernacular, well I cant help you there, and most elegy or funeral poems contain references that might not match what little information you have given me. However, assuming your ‘old Suffolk boy’ has had some involvement with Suffolk earth I suggest Margaret Willy’s ‘An Old Labourer’. Otherwise try a short comment by Philip Larkin ‘ The daily things we do’.

    If you have trouble finding the words of either, get back to me at ivor@versifier.co.uk

  3. David (Gill) and I enjoyed joining you all for our first SPS AGM yesterday.

    I discovered your site shortly after our arrival in Suffolk (from Swansea) last October. I am particularly interested to see that you have a section on poetry form. I use my Brekekekex blog for different forms – and my Coastcard blog for general poetry matters. I’m not sure if the links will show up, but I’ll have a go at pasting them in …
    With best wishes,


    Also …

  4. Caroline.
    I am sorry we didnt get a chance to talk at the AGM. I have made sure your links are active on my Poetry in Suffolk page. Thanks for the input.

  5. Thank you, Ivor, for your kindness here. I expect our paths will cross again before long … David (Gill) and I are greatly enjoying the Suffolk poetry scene.

  6. Dear Madam, Dear Sir – I am deeply and profoundly attached to SUFFOLK (born 20-9-1933 in Leiston) to its Church Architecture, George Crabbe, John Constable (=greatest painter of ALL time!) – I studied ARCHITECTURE in London moving in 1955 to Exile in Switzerland / Extremely passionate Architect /Poetry flow mainly on the British Landscape /Numerous Books, Art-Works, Exhibitions etc – In Switzerland I am well known as an “Enfant Terrible” but my Suffolk of wonderful estuaries does not know anything of me! I grew up 2 kilometres from Britten!s Red House in Aldeburgh town also of the great Poet George Crabbe.
    If you are interested in my work ad a n exiled suffolk Architect Poet and Artist please kindly get in touch with me

  7. Bryan
    Thank you for your message of your birth in Leiston, your love of this area of Suffolk, and your combined interest in Architecture and Poetry.

    I take up your invitation, tell me something about your poetry, if only to qualify your title ‘Enfant Terrible’ at the age of 80!

    At the age of 70, anything the prolongs childhood is of interest to me.

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