Ivor Murrell offers selections of his poetry, a harvest of experiences and emotions

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    • A Presence in the Wilderness – June 4th, 2014
       A highlight of our visit to The Kalahari, an unexpected meeting in fading light, just after sun-set, seventy metres from our tent.   PLEASE CLICK ON THE  BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM   Deception Valley in the Central Kalahari, where we searched for you for hours amongst the desiccated grasses, rich in brittle blooms […]
    • Secretary Bird Tanka
      Here is a thirty- one syllable Tanka straight from the Central Kalahari, inspired by that wonderful member of the Eagle family.  The photos were taken with my birthday present from my wife.       Some soar but I stride tirelessly in long black shorts quills behind my ears desiccation dictating managerial options.     […]
    • Mr and Mrs Badge
       Have you ever been on a wonderful travel experience, where one or more of those taking part think that you are very fortunate to have them in the group? PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM   How reassuring it must be believing  your experience and knowledge, however slight, takes  priority […]
    • Reading the Rune
      A recent note from Geraldine Green reminded me to post another one of my poems that started in one of her dynamic workshops in January 2014, and was subsequently polished over a several months to result in this final version.     PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM   Passed […]
    • A Sweet Retrospective
      In the 1930’s the Pan Floor Manager was the most powerful man in the Home Grown Sugar (beet)  factories, and a seven year apprenticeship had to be undertaken to learn how to boil sugar.  That power had long gone in the 1960’s and it took me about a month to learn how to run a […]
    • Lines of demarcation
      All poets sift their childhood for subject matter, and some experiences surface more readily than others.   PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM       It was winter, several weeks from his fifth birthday when  his father left him at  grandmother’s farm. No memory of  a parting,  perhaps its […]
    • Fading by degree
      One of our shyest Summer visitors, the Grasshopper Warbler sings in a high range, somewhere between 5 to 8 kHz.     Reeling in the reeds your high pitched Summer love song ageing ears can’t hear […]
    • Mapping
      It seems to me that memory and the structure of  complex spiders’ webs in Gorse bushes have comparisons. This poem was recently selected for posting on the excellent poetry and prose webzine Ink, Sweat & Tears by editor Helen Ivory.  Click here to visit this website. PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR […]
    • Perception
      The simple act of looking is one of the most complex processes that our body carries out.  It is also a perfect illusion, because it convinces us that reality is universally identical. PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW BUTTON ABOVE TO HEAR THIS POEM   How convinced we are that what we see is true. We […]
    • Poetry Workshop at Shotley Peninsula
      On January 10th 2014 I took part in a poetry workshop, led by Geraldine Green, who was in fine form and enthused the small group of good poets who were taking part.  The poem below was one of the ‘spin offs’ from the day. PLEASE CLICK ON THE ARROW KEY ABOVE  TO HEAR THIS POEM […]



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